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ሰአለ - To ask, enquire, request.
šalāḫu - To send forth, despatch, extract.
labāšu - To clothe, wear.
𐎑𐎆 - A mountain.
ṣurru - A flint.
𐩼𐩥𐩧 - Rock, bedrock.
𐩼𐩥𐩧 - To besiege, invest.
צֹר - A flint, stone.
צוּר - To besiege, confine, cramp, bind.
ظِرّ - A sharp stone, flint.
אמן - To be true, secure.
חל - Vinegar.
ḫallu - Vinegar.
خَلّ - Vinegar.
خَلَّلَ - To become sour.
חֹמֶץ - Vinegar.
חמע - Vinegar.
חמע - To ferment, leaven.
חָמֵץ - To be leavened, sour.
حَمُضَ - To be sour.
𐩢𐩣𐩧𐩩 - Red.
𐩢𐩣𐩧 - A donkey, ass.
𐎈𐎎𐎗 - A donkey, ass.
أَحْمَر - Red.
حِمَار - A donkey, ass.
حُمَر - Bitumen, asphalt.
חֵמָר - Bitumen, asphalt.
חֲמוֹר - A donkey, ass.
חמר - To be reddened.
حَمَّرَ - To redden.
חֶמֶר - Wine.
ኀምር - Wine.
חָמַר - To boil, foam up, ferment, seal up, cover.
خَمَرَ - To leaven, ferment, raise (dough), conceal, hide, cover.

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