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مَاْلَلَArabicWrote from dictation
מללAramaicTo speak
𐪑𐪃𐪁𐪋SafaiticTo take control
מָחַקHebrewTo utterly destroy, annihilate
מחקAramaicTo wipe out, erase
𐪃𐪂𐪄SafaiticMisfortune, ruin
مَحَقَArabicTo be devoid of blessing, annihilate, obliterate
مَحْلٌArabicDrought, suspension of rain, dryness of the earth
məháyrMehriSkilled, clever, knowledge
𐎎𐎅𐎗UgariticWarrior, trained, expert, soldier, combatant, hero
𐩩𐩣𐩠𐩧𐩩SabaicContingent of bedouin mercenaries (skilled soldiers? or alt. paid soldiers)
ܡܗܪSyriacTo instruct, train
مُمْهِرٌArabicA mare having a colt/foal
مَهَرَArabicTo be skilled, expert, adept
𐪃𐪀𐪇𐪉SafaiticA filly/colt
מָהַרHebrewTo be quick, speedy, hastening
𐩼𐩣𐩱SabaicTo suffer thirst
mēhərMehriBride price
𐎎𐎅𐎗UgariticDowry, prices, bride price
𐩣𐩠𐩧𐩩SabaicWealth, possessions, fortune
مَهْرٌArabicNuptial gift, dowry that is given to a bride
מהרAramaicBride price
מֹהַרHebrewBride money, indemnity to the family of the bride
מָהַרHebrewTo acquire by paying purchase price, give a dower
𐪃𐪒𐪘𐪚𐪌SafaiticGoat herders

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